Breaking News! International Print Exchange in the Academy Fine Art of Venice

Breaking News! International Print Exchange, yesterdays vernissage to the

Academy Fine Art Venice Event – 6 march 2017

by Marco Trentin and Alberto Balletti

C/O Accademia Belle Arti Venezia

Dorsoduro, 423 – VENICE – ITALY

arranged from on February 20 to March 15

International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP)

Curator Rajesh Pullarwar

International Print Exchange Programme (IPEP) India

IPEP, India is an initiative founded as a platform for international printmakers for exchanging thoughts and techniques dedicated to the “artist printmakers” worldwide as a non profit initiative. 

IPEP enables printmakers to share their work with other printmakers and thus get a chance to have multiple exhibitions worldwide and a collection of prints from all over the world.